Overseas Chinese students Hong Kong and Macau students
Residence document Alien Residence Permit (ARC) Taiwan Area Resident Travel Permit
Residence validity
One year
(International students can only apply for a one-year validity, except for scholarship recipients with proof from the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or other relevant authorities.)
Undergraduate:3 years
Graduate:1 year
The application documents 1. Application form
2. Original passport and residence visa
3. Certificate of enrollment (Overseas Chinese students must submit the enrollment notice for initial application)
4. One recent color passport photo (2 inches, head and shoulders, no hat)
5. If the applicant is represented by someone else, a letter of authorization must be provided
6. Document fee: Ranges from 1,000 to 3,000 NT dollars depending on the validity period of the application.
7. Processing time:10 working days
8. Proof of current residence, such as a lease agreement

1. A legal document proving the holder's lawful status in Taiwan.

2. After entering Taiwan with a residence visa, students should apply online through the student's self-service system within 15 days of arrival, with the admission permit/notification or proof of enrollment and registration provided by the school.

3. If the residence permit expires overseas, a visa should be applied for overseas, and then the residence permit should be reissued at the service station after entering the country. Overdue residence permits cannot be submitted for a fine and subsequent residence permit.

4. In case of a lost residence permit, please bring the application form, passport, one photo, certificate of enrollment, police report, or declaration of lost residence permit to the Immigration Agency for re-issuance.

5. Hong Kong and Macau students with foreign nationality shall follow the same procedures as international students for entry and residence permit renewal.
1. Application form
2. One recent color passport photo (2 inches, head and shoulders, no hat) taken within the last two years
3. Proof of permanent residency in Hong Kong or Macau (passport valid for more than three months or permanent resident identity card)
4. Hong Kong or Macau resident identity confirmation form signed in person
5. Hong Kong or Macau resident application for residence and settlement declaration form signed in person
6. Hong Kong or Macau police record certificate issued within the last five years (valid for three months) and payment receipt. Minors are exempt.
7. Certificate of health examination (valid for three months)
8. Distribution notice from the Hong Kong-Macau Affairs Office or admission notice for individual admission
9. School admission letter and proof of enrollment
10. Entry and exit permit (with entry stamp)
11. Certificate fee:2,600 NT dollars
12. Processing time:3 working days
1. Hong Kong and Macau students must apply for a Hong Kong-Macau Resident Entry Permit (valid for a stay of 3 months) before entering Taiwan. After entering and completing the health check, they should apply for the Taiwan Area Resident Travel Permit online through the Ministry of the Interior's immigration online application and issuance system.

2. If the "Hong Kong and Macau Resident Online Application for Entry Permit Consent Form and Entry Registration Form" applied online is lost in Taiwan, it should be reissued at the airport when exiting Taiwan, with a fee of 300 NT dollars.
Extension Applications for extension must be submitted within 3 months before the current permit's expiration date Within 30 days before the expiration date.
Overdue Period and Fines
1-10 days:NT$10,000 1-10 days:NT$2,000
11-30 days:NT$20,000 11-30 days:NT$4,000
31-60 days:NT$30,000 31-60 days:NT$6,000
61-90 days:NT$40,000 61-90 days:NT$8,000
91 days and above:NT$50,000 91 days and above:NT$10,000
※Those who have overstayed for less than 30 days and the original reasons for applying for residence still exist may re-apply for residence after being punished under regulations.
Leave of Absence or Withdrawal
 from School and Departure
1. Go to the Immigration Office to cancel the residence permit
2. Depart within 10 days after the cancellation.
1. Apply to the Immigration Office for a single exit permit.
2. Return the residence permit.
3. Depart within 10 days after receiving the single exit permit.
Departure procedures>Leave the country directly.
Stay in Taiwan > Go to the Immigration Department to apply for deferment of departure (no additional fees are required for the short term).        
Leaving school procedures> Apply for a single exit permit at the Immigration Office, return the residence permit> Leave the country within 10 days after receiving the permit.
Urgent departure from Taiwan> Exit with the residence permit> Return the residence permit to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office.
Post-graduation stay in
 Taiwan for job seeking
The job-seeking period is 1 year + 1 year.

Starting from 2024, foreign students (including overseas Chinese) who graduate from universities in Taiwan are allowed to apply for a one-year extension of their residence permit for a total maximum period of 2 years (including spouse and children).
The job-seeking period is 6 months + 6 months.
1. Immigration Office website:http://www.immigration.gov.tw/
2. Online Application System:https://coa.immigration.gov.tw/coa-frontend/student/entry
3. Address: No. 15, Guangzhou St., Zhongzheng District, Taipei City (Exit 2 of Ximen MRT Station)
Service hours: Monday to Friday, 08:00-17:00, closed at noon
4. Foreign Resident Permit Consultation Hotline:(02) 2388-9393 ext. 3122 or 3123
5..Taiwan Resident Permit Consultation Hotline:(02) 2389-9983 ext. 0
6. Immigration Office Online System Customer Service:(02) 2796-7162
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