1.Eligibility: If you meet the following conditions, you can come to Taiwan for education as an overseas Chinese student:


Students of Chinese descent who were born overseas and have had continuous residency overseas until now or have recently resided overseas continuously for six years or more and obtained permanent or long-term residency documents in the country of residence to return to Taiwan for education. However, for those studying in undergraduate medical, dental, and traditional Chinese medicine programs, the required period of continuous residency is eight years or more.


For detailed information, please refer to the Regulations on the Education and Counseling for Overseas Chinese Students Returning to Taiwan:



2.Application Channels:


Undergraduate Programs


University Entrance Committee For Overseas Chinese Students :



Undergraduate Admission through Recommendation by Overseas Senior High Schools:



Master's and Doctoral Programs


University Entrance Committee For Overseas Chinese Students:



National Taiwan University Graduate Institute Admissions Section:



Visits 499