New Overseas Chinese Students General Services and  Registration

To help New Overseas Chinese Students in accommodate with the campus life and the
environment in National Taiwan University (NTU), New Overseas Chinese Students Service
Team was established in the corporation among different Overseas Chinese Students’
Associations Committees before commencement by providing services such as, New
Overseas Chinese Students Pick-up, Registration and Accommodation. In addition, a
registration counter will be set up on the registration day to have a face-to-face contact
with the freshmen, at the same time assisting the process of collecting freshmen’s
personal particulars in detail and precisely delivering relevant information regarding New
Overseas Chinese Students.


New Overseas Chinese Students Admission Workshop

There will be a series of workshops during the first week of commencement to assist the
New Overseas Chinese Students adapting to the new environment and familiarise
themselves with the resources provided in the university as soon as possible. Also, to
facilitate the development of interpersonal relationships and effective learning methods.
Please refer to relevant information on 107-Academic Year.


New Overseas Chinese students

To enhance the Chinese Language proficiency (listening, speaking, reading and writing) of
Overseas Chinese Students and international students, so as to facilitate their adaptation
to studies and life in Taiwan, freshmen from international students and Overseas Chinese
Students are required to participate in the “Overseas Students Chinese Language
Proficiency Test” and “International Students Chinese Language Proficiency Test” during
admission as the basis for class arrangement of their freshmen Chinese courses. For
Overeseas Chinese Students who fail to pass the minimum score of the test, there will be
a special arrangement of class, namely “Overseas Chinese Students Chinese Additional
Counselling Class”. And for international students who fail to pass the test, they will be
required to take “Chinese Language Class for International Students” for a year arranged
by the Language Centre and subsequently take up the required Chinese course under
“International Students Special Chinese Class” after they’ve passed the test in the first


New Overseas Chinese Students Meet and Greet Interview

New Overseas Chinese Students will receive a questionnaire from their students’ mailbox
regarding their academic, living and interpersonal relationships problem after enrolment.
After submission, there will be a one-on-one meet and greet interview session according
to the date given by the students. All the conversations and contents will be recorded
after the interview as an important reference for any update information from time to time
during the academic years.


Overseas Chinese Medical Insurance/National Health Insurance

The school assists New Overseas Chinese Students to insure Overseas Chinese Medical
Insurance (OCMI) and national health insurance (NHI). According to the NHI Law,
Overseas Chinese Students, including Hong Kong and Macau students, who have been
living in Taiwan for 6 consecutive months and have left Taiwan once for not more than 30
days, the actual number of days will exclude the days leaving Taiwan in the 30 days
period. On the basis of this, Overseas Chinese Students who have been living for 6
months in Taiwan should participate in the National Health Insurance. The amount of
payable fees are based on relevant rules and regulations. For those who are in straitened
circumstances should obtain relevant proof statement (foreign language must be
translated into Chinese) from foreign affairs embassy, sponsor unit, foreign schools, and
certain proven agency before departing to Taiwan. Hand in the proof statement during
the registration date and for those who are qualified after examination, half of the fees
will be waived from the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission. Before receiving the
National Health Insurance, Overseas Chinese Students will be required to insure under
Overseas Chinese Medical Insurance for 6 months, half of the fees will be subsidised by
Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission.

※The school has offered other group insurance for students. For related insurance claim
information, please refer to the website of Students Assistance Division.


Overseas Chinese Students Work Permit

Overseas Chinese Students who want to work while studying in Taiwan are required to
apply for a work permit from the “Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor”
through university accordingly. The work permit will last for 6 months, with a maximum of
20 working hours per week during the academic year, but no working hours limitation
during summer and winter break. Failure to apply for a work permit in accordance with
regulations, that is, to be employed without work permit, will be fined for an amount
ranging from NT $ 30,000 to NT $ 150,000, in accordance with the provisions of the
Employment Service Law. Since 2017/10/02, Overseas Chinese Students can apply for
work permit easily through “EZ Work Permit”,, which is 24
hours online for document submission of work permit.


Overseas Chinese Students Work-Study

In order for low-income overseas Chinese students to obtain the means to meet the
needs of their daily expenses, the Overseas Student Advising Division will come up with
the work-study quota as provided by the Overseas Chinese Students Committee every
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