1.Core Values (HOME)

H-Happiness  O-Overseas Students  M-Mainland Students  E-Experience

The Overseas Students Advising Division is a home for overseas and mainland Chinese students in Taiwan, providing assistance for students to successfully adapt to university life, familiarize themselves with various resources, and encourage the development of friendship and joyful learning experiences, with the aim of successfully completing their studies and returning to their home countries.



(1)Assisting the integration of overseas and mainland Chinese students into campus life.

(2)Providing a friendly learning environment.

(3)Developing multicultural characteristics.


3.Service Overview
(1)Orientation for New Students:

To assist new students in adapting to university life, in addition to participating in the new student orientation program, the group organizes activities such as registration and admission guidance sessions for new overseas and mainland Chinese students, as well as exchanges with student clubs, to establish a comprehensive counseling program.

(2)Medical Insurance:

After enrollment, overseas Chinese students participate in the "Overseas Chinese Student Injury and Illness Medical Insurance," referred to as "Insurance for Overseas Chinese Students," for the first six months. After residing continuously for six months, they are eligible to join the National Health Insurance system. Mainland Chinese students need to apply for commercial medical insurance.

(3) Scholarships and Grants:

To encourage the efforts of overseas and mainland Chinese students in their studies, various scholarships and grants are available, which are distributed in the first and second semesters.

(4)Ministry of Education Scholarships for Underprivileged Overseas Chinese Students:

To assist underprivileged overseas Chinese students in their studies without financial burden, scholarships are provided and processed at the beginning of the first semester of each academic year in September.

(5)Work-Study and Work Permits for Overseas Chinese Students:

To help financially disadvantaged overseas Chinese students in Taiwan cover their tuition and living expenses, work-study opportunities are arranged on campus each semester, and assistance is provided for work permit applications.

(6)Residence Certificate, Entry and Exit Permits Application, Extension, and Reissuance:

Assistance is provided to students in handling matters related to residence certificate, entry and exit permits application, extension, and reissuance.


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