Applications for the ' NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY Directives for Outstanding Overseas Chinese Graduate Student Scholarships ' for the second semester of the 112th academic year start on February 19, 2024. Applications close on March 4, 2024, at 5:00 PM.

1.Ministry of Education's guidelines for university and college subsidies for graduate scholarships for outstanding overseas Chinese students.
2.NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY Directives for Outstanding Overseas Chinese Graduate Student Scholarships.

Eligibility: Graduate students enrolled in various departments of the university, who are overseas Chinese with formal student status, have completed at least one semester of study, have a GPA of 3.38 or above, have thesis and conduct grades of at least A-, and have not received other subsidies (including scholarships) from the Taiwan government, are eligible to apply for this scholarship.
2.Application Period: From February 19, 2024, until 5 PM on March 4, 2024.
3.Application Procedure (Online application + Physical document submission, both must be completed within the deadline, late submissions will not be accepted): Please apply online through the "Student Financial Aid Service (Scholarships)" at, and submit the following documents in order (as listed in Announcement Item 4) in hard copy to Ms. Hsu at the Overseas Students Advising Division, Office of Student Affairs, NTU (Room 112, Administration Building).
4.Required Documents:
Pending Document List (can be printed after completing the online application through the "Student Financial Aid Service (Scholarships)" system. Sample documents/Print Pending Document List SOP).
(2)Application Form (to be stamped by the department office).
(3)One copy of the ID attachment form. (Sample photocopy of ID)
Letter of Commitment.
(5)Official transcript of the first semester of the 112th academic year (available from the Graduate Academic Affairs Division or printed by machine), "Grade Notification" and "myNTU Grade Record" are not accepted.
(6)Conduct grade certificate (downloadable from the myNTU awards and penalties system).
(7)Enrollment certificate for the second semester of the 112th academic year (downloadable from the epo system). 
(8)Recommendation from a department professor (can be included in the application form or separately).
(9)One research proposal (including research motivation and objectives, research framework, data collection sources, thesis outline, bibliography, etc.).
(10)Other relevant materials for review (such as award certificates, proof of financial hardship, etc.).

5.Scholarship Amount: NT$10,000 per month for each recipient.
6.Attention: Applicants should check for any conflicts with other departmental graduate scholarship regulations and cannot receive this scholarship if already receiving other government subsidies or scholarships.

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