[Recruitment Information]KPMG安侯建業recruitment briefing

Audit Department × Tax Department × Consulting Department - Detailed Analysis of Job Content

KPMG warmly invites partners and colleagues from the Audit, Tax, and Consulting departments to provide an introduction to KPMG, descriptions of each department's work, and a close-up share of work experiences and answers to questions from our senior colleagues for all the students. By registering for the seminar in advance, you will receive a fine meal and a unique souvenir. Hurry and scan the EDM QR Code or click this link (https://forms.office.com/e/D8Q9PxhmmV) to complete your registration now!

※ Seminar Time: March 5th, 12:30-14:00
※ Seminar Location: Room 104, Building 1 Building 1, College of Management

Registration for the event will close on February 27th (Tuesday) at 23:59. Hurry up and register to join!

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