【Foward】OIA-Master Talk

▌Are you feeling lost about your career path? "Master Talk" is NOW open for registration!

Whether it's navigating #life and #career choices or managing the tension between #aspirations and #family relationships, we understand the challenges. In university, there are many issues not covered in classrooms that you must confront. Even after listening to numerous podcasts and watching TED Talks, applying those experiences and insights to your own life can feel elusive.

NTU OIA has heard your concerns, and we're excited to offer you the opportunity to engage face-to-face with former #industry executives and #retired managers. Through their wealth of knowledge and work experiences, our aim is to help you chart your own career and life path. Plus, you'll have the chance to play tennis, paint, and attend concerts with the masters!

This year, NTUOIA invited two distinguished figures from the #diplomatic and #political sectors - former Minister of Foreign Affairs Tan Sun Chen and David Lin. If you dream of a career in diplomacy or politics, come learn from the masters firsthand.

For more info and registration: https://mastertalk.oia.ntu.edu.tw/ Eligibility: Open to International and Overseas Chinese #degree students of NTU and Taiwanese students who participate #International_Mentorship_Program, #Overseas_Internship_Program and # iNGO_Academy

Masters are as follows:
▌Tan Sun Chen – Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Former Secretary General of Office of the President & National Security Council
▌David Lin- Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Former Ambassador to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Former Representative of Taipei Representative Office in UK
▌Michelle Hsu - Former Managing Director at Tiffany and Co. in Taiwan
▌Lynn L. H. Shih - Former General Manager of Louis Vuitton Taiwan & Long Champ Taiwan
▌Anne Chen - Former COO of IBM Greater China Group
▌Jessie Chien-Hui Chan - Former Brand Director of L'Oréal APAC and Marketing Director for P&G, J&J and LG
▌Stephen Ho - Former Managing Director of DBS Bank in Taiwan

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