[Announcement for Application] Overseas Community Affairs Council Acceptance of Donations for Overseas Chinese Student Scholarships and Grants for the Year 113 (Application Deadline: February 21 at Noon)


1. Eligibility:

(1)Overseas Chinese and Hong Kong/Macao students currently enrolled in our institution (eligible to apply from the second year of university and graduate studies; first-year university students may apply with the final grades from the Autumn session of the Overseas Chinese Preparatory Program).

(2)Those who have not received the "Year 112 Outstanding and Academically Excellent Overseas Chinese Student Scholarship" from the Overseas Community Affairs Council.

(3)Students who have repeated a year, are re-taking courses, are delayed in their graduation, or are in the first year of their graduate studies are not eligible to apply.

(4)Must possess the Overseas Community Affairs Council's iCard.

2. Application Period: From now until February 21 at 12:00 noon.

3. Application Procedure: Arrange the following required documents in order (no need to bind) and submit them in hard copy to Mr. Chen of the Overseas Students Advising Division (Room 112, Administration Building).

4. Required Documents:

(1)Application form and relevant document attachment form (complete the application information online at the Overseas Community Affairs Council's "Scholarship Application System" [URL: https://scholarship.ocac.gov.tw/], export the application form and attachment form after completion (a photocopy of the student ID is not required to be stamped). For academic grades, please refer to the GPA conversion table and convert to a percentage system before filling out. For conduct grades, if you have an A, please write 87 points. Ensure all data is correctly filled out before submitting).

(2)Photocopy of Post Office/Bank account book.

(3)Certification of Enrollment for the second semester of the 112 academic year (download from the epo system).

(4)Chinese transcripts for both semesters of the 111 academic year (apply or print out from the Registration/Teaching and Research Section; 'Grade Notification' and 'myNTU Grade Records' are not accepted).

(5)Certificates of conduct grades for both semesters of the 111 academic year (download from the myNTU Reward and Punishment System).

(6)If you are a child of a teacher from an overseas Chinese school, attach a proof of your parent's current employment at the overseas Chinese school (if unavailable, it is not required).

(7)If you are from a low-income family, provide proof of low income (if unavailable, it is not required).

(8)Certification of Overseas Community Affairs Council's iCard.example

5. Scholarship Amount: NT$5,000 to NT$25,000 (please refer to the attached list of awards for details).

6. Award Recipients' Obligations: Recipients must comply with the requirements of the awarding entity, such as writing a letter of thanks or attending the award ceremony.

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