【National Taiwan University Overseas Students Advising Division】 Welcome freshman overseas Chinese students to join the "University Preparatory Course Pilot Program" - NTU Pre-U Course.

Congratulations to all overseas Chinese student classmates who are about to become freshmen at National Taiwan University!

Here, we would like to share good news with you. To assist freshmen in acquiring the prerequisite knowledge for the foundational mathematics and science courses in the first year, NTU will offer a two-month preparatory course from July 17 to September 15 in the 112th academic year. The courses include "Calculus," "General Physics," and "General Chemistry." The courses will be conducted online and asynchronously, allowing you to reinforce your weaknesses in high school mathematics, physics, and chemistry from anywhere and at any time. By familiarizing yourself with university-level teaching in advance, you can build a solid foundation for your university studies and interdisciplinary learning, giving you more flexibility to pursue your future plans.

The complete set of Pre-U courses is exempt from credit fees, and upon completion and passing of the physical learning assessment, you can earn online course credits!

Here are the key details of the pilot program:

Registration Period: From July 14, 2023 (Friday) at 9:00 a.m. to August 22, 2023 (Tuesday) at 5:00 p.m.

Registration Method: Online registration.

Course Schedule
July 17 (Monday) to September 15 (Friday): NTU COOL online self-study courses.
August 22 (Tuesday) to September 15 (Friday): NTU prospective freshmen can participate in course discussion activities starting from late August.

Learning Assessment & Credit Calculation
Registration Period: September 11 (Monday) to September 14 (Thursday).
Assessment Date: September 24 (Sunday).
Enrollment limited to NTU freshmen (including international students) enrolled in this program; upon passing the assessment, each course will be awarded 1 online elective credit.

Announcement of Grades Expected in early October of the 112th academic year.

For the registration website and more detailed information about the "University Preparatory Course Pilot Program," please visit: https://exam.aca.ntu.edu.tw/pre-u/

For inquiries regarding the courses, please contact Ms. Yu Tzu-Ling from the Curriculum Division of the Office of Academic Affairs:
Email: tzulingyu74@ntu.edu.tw
Phone: +886-2-33662388 #304

Wishing all the new students good health and academic success.

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