【Announcement of Scholarship Recipients】"National Taiwan University Bintang Delapan Scholarship" for the 111 Academic Year

The recipients of the "National Taiwan University Bintang Delapan Scholarship" for the 111 academic year have been notified via their student email addresses. Those who did not receive the scholarship will not receive a separate notification, but they can check the Student Financial Support System for confirmation.

1. Number of scholarships: There are a total of four scholarships awarded each academic year, including two for undergraduate students and two for graduate students (either master's or doctoral).

2. Scholarship amount: The first prize winner will receive NT$60,000, and the second prize winner will receive NT$30,000.

3. If any fraudulent or false information is discovered in the application materials submitted by the scholarship recipients, the university will revoke their scholarship and demand repayment of any funds already received. Furthermore, relevant legal actions may be pursued based on the severity of the offense.

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