Notice for application of Mainland student’s "Group Health Insurance" medical treatment and claims

一、Relevant laws and regulations: Measures for people from the mainland to come to Taiwan to study in colleges (Act 12)


(一)All of the hospitals and clinics that are appointed by the National Health Insurance system are available to seek medical treatment. (Registration form is not required.)

(二)Outpatient or inpatient treatments due to injuries, illnesses, or accidents that happened within the validity of the insurance are required to pay the bill on your advance, then attach medical documents to file claims afterwards.

(三)Apply within 180 days for accident medical treatment and within 2 years for disease medical treatment.


三、Documents and procedures required for application

(一)Prepare the following documents and complete the insurance claim application form at the Overseas Students Advising Division. (The forms are sent in every 2nd and 16th of the month.)


(二)Mainland students are required to join the “Group Health Insurance” system during the period of enrolling in the school. The cost is NT$ 3,000 per semester and it is paid with the tuition fees.


To insure other companies on your own, an insurance certificate is required at the start of each semester, along with a deposit of NT $3000, which will be refunded once the school verifies the certificate.


(三) Documents for reimbursement of commercial insurance for the school "Cathay Life Insurance":

The school is insured under Cathay Life Insurance Company. The Overseas Chinese department will send information to the insurance company for review.


For students self-insured by other companies, please ask your respective insurance company for reimbursement and regulation.


1. Student group insurance claim application – please print on your own

2. Certificate of diagnosis
(When revisiting for the same appointment, the diagnosis certificate can be printed at your last visit, along with all the date of each visit on the certificate.)

3.  Payment receipt

4. Photocopy Taiwan entry and exit permit – please print on your own

5. Photocopy of post office/bank passbook cover – please on your own


(四)The student will receive the claim from the insurance company in their bank account they have provided after 2 to 3 weeks of review process.


(五)Claims are only limited to the necessary medical treatment, such as fever, gastrointestinal

 pain, and other diseases. Orthodontics, medical examination, vaccination etc cannot be applied.


(六) The amount of claim is as follows:

1.Outpatient: the receipts are pay-as-you-go, but the upper limit is NTD 1,000.
Outpatient surgery: the receipts are pay-as-you-go, but the upper limit is NTD 7,000.

3.Hospitalisation: Reimbursement up to NTD 120,000 in accordance with the actual receipt,

 yet the daily ward fee is NTD 1,000.


(七)Cathay Life Insurance Claim Provisions

(一) Information on claims provisions of Cathay Life Group Student Health Insurance (1)

(二)  Information on claims provisions of Cathay Life Group Student Health Insurance (2)

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