1. Tuition fee for the 2019 academic year is approximately ranging from 23,000 RMB to 28,000
2. Assist in the arrival procedure of admitted freshmen

3. Assist in freshmen registration process.

4. Conduct freshmen admission guidance activity in order to help freshmen to understand the
    rules and regulations and provide assistance to integrate into the campus life effectively.

5. Assist in the relevant process such as stay permit, entry-and-exit with the immigration
6. Handle medical insurance and claims of Mainland Students, and provide on-campus health
    service information (University’s Health Centre and Medical Clinic)

7. Arrange current seniors from different professional fields in school, to provide information and
experience on how to adapt to the new environment and syllabus.

8. Counsel and advise the participation in extra-curricular activities, and to experience
    multiculturalism and expand interpersonal relationships
9. Coach the Mainland Students Association, arrange sharing session from seniors as to provide
   more information and services, organise various activities to enrich students’campus life.

10. Handle urgent accidents and emergencies on campus.

11. Others services related to Mainland Chinese Students.

12. Accommodation arrangements: (Currency indicated as New Taiwan Dollars)

(1) Similar as exchange students, international students and Overseas Chinese Students, Mainland
     Students will have the accommodating prioritisation on the first semester.
(2) Prioritise in providing accommodation in BOT (Prince Dorm), in accordance with student’s
     choices for the room arrangement. For single room, the rental fee is 7,800NTD; double room:
     5,100 NTD. The water supplement and internet usage fees are included in the fee mentioned
     above, however the electricity is excluded. The electricity fee is 3.7 NTD for 1 kWh, an average of
     500NTD for 2-3 weeks according to students usage condition. For further information, please
     refer to the prince dorm’s website:
(3) Applications of accommodation for Mainland Chinese Students are analogous to international students
    from Office of International Affairs, the applications will be collected by Overseas Chinese
    Advising Division and sent to the Office of Student Housing Service Division for further
    arrangement procedure.

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